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RadioLens is an intuitive, AI enabled, cloud based Radiology RIS/PACS solution that makes Radiology diagnostic workflows smoother by automatically detecting bad quality scans and creating preliminary reports for some of the most common modalities.

Radiolens enables clinical collaboration, provides workflow efficiency, and enables well-informed decision making. It helps you create reports with objective evidence of disease and illustrative annotated images that pin-point the exact location and extent of pathology with zero additional effort.
Support Guarantee
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Designed to improve efficiency

Fastest image uploads and downloads: Don’t let PACS speed slow you down
Report on the go: Lightweight DICOM Viewer to open cases even from mobile devices
Uninterrupted business: 99.9% uptime with array of 5 backup servers
Intelligent reporting: Get AI enabled quantitative and qualitative actionable insights to boost your reporting speed and accuracy
Convenient workflow: Automated assignments for workload optimization
Access operations dashboard from anywhere: Remove on site presence constraints with on cloud solution
Track business issues in real time: Get quick data based actions and insights notifications on your device
Always at your service: 24x7 customer support

Reporting at speed

Build elaborate reports instantly

Get instant AI assessed biomarkers for qualitative and quantitative descriptions such as CCAP diameter, listhesis, compression fractures, IV disc height and thecal sac. Automatic risk scores are assigned for easy sorting of critical and normal cases. Radiolens allows Radiologists to quickly edit AI results or directly import them in reports with a single button click.

Intelligent reporting templates

Our intelligent server auto-matches templates to studies based on patient gender and modality and only relevant templates are made available to Radiologists. This avoids all mistakes from using the wrong template.

Reduce typing time

Radiolens reduces the reporting time for radiologists in every aspect including the time it takes to type out a report. With easy to create and customizable shorthands, it can cut down your typing time and help you describe complex pathologies quicker.

AI features to look out for

Automatic normal and abnormal report segregation for Chest x-rays. Reduce workload by generating automated reports for normal radiographs.
Automated vertebral labelling & CCAP measurement for MRI Spine You don’t need technicians to measure CCAP for you.
Zero Lag on DICOM Viewer across any device. Just click on the series of images you want to start reviewing instantly.
Auto-match templates to case details. Only get relevant templates suggestions & avoid cross gender or modality template matching errors.
Automated worklist prioritization. Prioritize your work better with urgent and upcoming reports automatically showing at the top of your worklist.

We work with

Teleradiology Centers

With a quick and easy to use radiology workflow management software with real time report access and management, Radiolens enables you to get preliminary and secondary reads from leading Radiologists across the globe at any time of the day.
  • Quick 15 mins installation
  • Full control for onboarding new users at no extra cost
  • Pay as you go model. Don’t pay for anything you don’t use
  • Never miss out on any report with Email notifications and alerts

Diagnostic Centers

Radiolens with its unique AI approach helps reduce the manual tasks for reporting spinal measurements such as Cc diameter, listhesis, compression fractures, disk height and thecal sac, and helps load images and reports faster. It also helps optimize patient report queues across doctors in various geographies with each workflow access.
  • Zero upfront costs
  • Convenient and Govt. mandate approved data storage options
  • Send digital reports directly to patients saving printing costs
  • Manage your business with minimum support


RadioLens provides upto 99% accurate assessments with quantitative and qualitative biomarkers and mensurations to help Radiologists provide quicker diagnosis. It also reduces the mundane reporting tasks for Radiologists and enables a faster reporting system for easy workflow management.
  • Fully customizable and convenient workflow
  • Share Radiology reports with clinicians for consultative diagnosis
  • Configure server requirements as you grow
  • Completely digitize your practice

What our customers say about us

- Dr. Chaitanya, owner at Asthi Orthopedic Center

"I was in need of a simple yet reliable PACS software for image archiving. Radiolens team got in touch, understood my requirement and helped me migrate to the new software in a matter of no time. My experience with Radiolens has been amazing so far. I appreciate their tech support and customer centric approach."

- Dr. Akhil, Director at Xpert Radiology

"I chose Radiolens after trying many other PACS available in the market. Radiolens was impressive in upload/download speed which is key to our productivity. Radiolens worked at centres where other reputed PACS players struggled to install their software. It is platform independent in true sense and offers most simplified workflow for reporting. I could expand my teleradiology business because of the commendable tech capability and support of the team. They ensured hassle free on-boarding of remotest diagnostic centres with very old setups. I wish them best."

- Mr. H L Babu, Director of teleradiology and medical tourism at Expert Chikitsa

"Radiolens PACS has been very helpful in our daily operations. Extremely happy with the image quality and the server uptime. The uninterrupted reporting throughout the day has helped us improve our delivery. It's convenient because it can be logged in from anywhere. The most helpful feature is the tracking dashboard which gives visibility of cases realtime and helps us distribute case load uniformly. We recommend Radiolens PACS to every radiology centre."

Don’t let slow reporting systems and manual processes hold you back from growing your practice.